Part 1 of the “New Metrics for Modern Living”

Larry David is generally low SAR (explained below)

Hilarious condemnation is much better than a takedown

Joseph Epstein is a 1980s-style villain (this isn’t him though)

This stuff is complicated which is why it is important to get it right.


Law is complex and antitrust law is even more so. Nonetheless, the business and the tech press keeps making the following repeated errors in their coverage of the Facebook antitrust case:

1. Reporting that the Instagram and WhatsApp mergers were approved in 2012/2014 and discussing such “approvals” as if they are legally binding precedent

In 2012 and 2014, the FTC declined to take action against the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. As a legal matter — which matters, since we are speaking of a legal action — declining to take action has no binding effect on future enforcement actions. That is a well established principle not just in antitrust, but any area of law enforcement. …

At least we’re united in being crazy

Do you see Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi?
  1. Things Are Getting Better…

Repealing “Section 230” won’t do what anyone wants

Barking up a statutorily complicated tree

How Trump’s lawyers lost their minds

We seem to forget how many are actually Asian-American

The imagined voter

In which the Kool-Aid gets stirred

Credit Ben Thompson, usage via 17 USC 107

Biden leads in polls; Trump leads the lawns — does it mean anything?

Smart, but a little too much Kool-Aid

Photo: Nordiske Mediedager

Tim Wu

Professor at Columbia University; author of “The Curse of Bigness,” “The Attention Merchants,” and “The Master Switch;” veteran of Silicon Valley & Obama Admin.

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