Antitrust Revival, a Reading List

Tim Wu
3 min readNov 18, 2019


The following are books, articles and study that make up the antitrust revival. I include here work both belonging to the so-called New Brandeis school, and also the Neo-Arnoldian, or Post-Chicago schools.

This list is a work in progress and certainly not meant to be definitive. If there’s something missing, please email me and I’ll add it.

Books in Print

The Curse of Bigness, Tim Wu

Goliath, Matt Stoller

The Antitrust Paradigm, Restoring a Competitive Economy, Jonathan B. Baker

Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society, Eric Posner, Glen Weyl

People, Power, and Profits: Progressive Capitalism for an Age of Discontent, Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition, Jonathan Tepper, Denise Hearn

Big Data and Competition Policy, Maurice Stucke & Allen Grunes

Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction, Barry Lynn

Coming Soon

Competition Overdose: How Free Market Mythology Transformed Us from Citizen Kings to Market Servants, Ariel Ezrachi, Maurice E. Stucke

Break ’Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech, and Big Money, Zephyr Teachout

Articles, Studies & Symposia

Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox, Lina Khan

The Separation of Platforms and Commerce, Lina Khan

Are U.S. Industries Becoming More Concentrated?, Gustavo Grullon, Yelena Larkin, Roni Michaely

Antitrust’s Democracy Deficit, Harry First & Spencer Weber Waller

Reassessing the Chicago School of Antitrust Symposium, forthcoming 2020, Pennsylvania Law Review.

Unlocking Antitrust Enforcement, Symposium, Yale Law Journal

The Profound Nonsense of Consumer Welfare Antitrust, Sandeep Vaheesan

Market Power & Inequality, Lina Khan & Sandeep Vaheesan

The Ideological Roots of America’s Market Power Problem, Lina Khan

The New Brandeis Movement, Lina Khan

The Unsound Theory Behind the Consumer (and Total) Welfare Goal in Antitrust, Mark Glick

American Gothic: How Chicago School Economics Distorts ‘Consumer Welfare’ in Antitrust, Mark Glick

Does the Rule of Reason Violate the Rule of Law?, Maurice Stucke

The Battle for the Soul of Antitrust, Eleanor Fox

Wealth Transfers as the Original and Primary Concern of Antitrust: The Efficiency Interpretation Challenged, Robert Lande

After Consumer Welfare, Now What?, Tim Wu

Blind Spot: The Attention Economy and the Law, Tim Wu

The New Utilities: Private Power, Social Infrastructure, and the Revival of the Public Utility Concept, K Sabeel Rahman

Horizontal Shareholding, Einer Elhauge

Tying, Bundled Discounts, and the Death of the Single Monopoly Profit Theory, Einer Elhaughe

Horizontal Shareholding and Antitrust Policy, Fiona Morton Scott, Herbert Hovenkamp

A Proposal to Limit the Anti-Competitive Power of Institutional Investors, Eric Posner, Fiona Morton Scott, E. Glen Weyl

Powerless, Marshall Steinbaum, Eric Bernstein, John Sturm

Concentration in US Labor Markets, José Azar, Ioana Marinescu, Marshall Steinbaum, Bledi Taska

Accommodating Capital and Policing Labor: Antitrust in the Two Gilded Ages, Sandeep Vaheesan

Predatory Pricing and Recoupment, Christopher R. Leslie

The Effective Competition Standard, Marshall Steinbaum, Maurice E. Stucke

Artificial Intelligence & Collusion: When Computers Inhibit Competition, Maurice Stucke

Reconsidering Competition, Maurice Stucke

America’s Concentration Crisis, Open Markets Institute

The Worst Opinion in Living Memory: AT&T/Time Warner and America’s Broken Merger Law, Chris Sagers

Market Structure and Political Law: A Taxonomy of Power, Zephyr Teachout, Lina Khan

Corporate Rules and Political Rules: Antitrust as Campaign Finance Reform, Zephyr Teachout

Antitrust Remedies for Labor Market Power, Suresh Naidu, Eric Posner, E. Glen Weyl

The Antitrust Consumer Welfare Paradox, Barak Orbach

Antitrust Populism, Barak Orbach

Antitrust As Allocator of Coordination Rights, Sanjukta Paul



Tim Wu

Professor at Columbia University; author of “The Curse of Bigness,” “The Attention Merchants,” and “The Master Switch;” veteran of Silicon Valley & Obama Admin.